Error #2046: The loaded file did not have a valid signature

September 21st, 2010 posted by codders

Ahh, Flash. Flash Flash Flash. You’re at the supermarket, you’re buying chicken breasts for statutory Saturday night curry, and the boss calls to say the website is down. You check the services monitor – no errors. You’ve deployed no changes – it’s a weekend. But sure enough, the flash player on the site doesn’t load.

Often, #2046 is caused by some kind of corruption. Sometimes, deleting your .macromedia folder fixes it (causes a redownload of any corrupt Flash objects). But when everybody reports the error across all platforms… it must be something else.

‘Did not have a valid signature’ isn’t terribly specific, but you might find that setting your system clock back by 24 hours fixes the issue. If this is the case for you, Adobe are bastards. The SDK you are using has expired. It will still generate Flash binaries without reporting an error, but the binaries it creates will mysteriously not work on any system with a correctly-set clock. Download the latest SDK, and it’s business as usual.

Oh. And one day that SDK will expire, of course. And the binaries you’ve already created will need to be rebuilt. You could buy an SDK license, but … well … not for Linux. So I guess you’re trapped.

Thanks, Adobe