Normalising MP3s

June 8th, 2008 posted by codders

I’m changing the way I blog, and possibly starting to do it again. But I digress…

The OpenRightsGroup blog linked a recording of an interesting talk with Jonathan Zittrain (whose new book is getting some press and whose e-book PDF is available for free download), but the recording was a bit quiet and I wanted to listen to it while cooking my lunch…

# sudo apt-get install mp3gain
# mp3gain /tmp/org.mp3

Recommended “Track” dB change: 25.760000
Recommended “Track” mp3 gain change: 17
WARNING: some clipping may occur with this gain change!
Max PCM sample at current gain: 21450.428803
Max mp3 global gain field: 190
Min mp3 global gain field: 129

Recommended “Album” dB change for all files: 25.760000
Recommended “Album” mp3 gain change for all files: 17
WARNING: with this global gain change, some clipping may occur in file /tmp/org.mp3

# mp3gain -g 17 /tmp/org.mp3
Applying gain change of 17 to /tmp/org.mp3…


…which was nice.